Friday, January 10, 2014

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater!

No, I've never lived in a pumpkin, and I've never had a wife  (much less one that I couldn't keep) but nonetheless, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater might be a good nickname for me.

After all, I love EATING pumpkin, as a brief scroll through a couple of pictures found on my phone from  the past couple of months will tell you.

More notably however, is the resemblance to a different Peter that I found within myself this morning. 

The apostle Peter loved the Lord Jesus. 
He didn't just love the Lord, he TRUSTED Him. 
Peter trusted Christ enough to step out of the boat, focus his eyes on his creator, and was therefore able to to walk on water.

For a while. 

Then, he took his eyes off of Christ, and caught a glimpse of the overwhelming sea. 
Doubt took over, and he began to sink.

Later, Peter felt brave and courageous as he drew out his sword and cut off the ear of one of  the guards who had come to arrest Jesus. He had recently adamantly vowed to Jesus that he would always stand by him and defend him, and now it appeared he was out to prove it!

Hours later however, while Christ was being accused in the judgement hall and it seemed as if all were lost, Peter denied even knowing his Lord,. Three times in fact, just as Jesus had warned him that he would.
Yet later, we find Jesus filling Peter with strength and confidence as they dined together. Jesus repeatedly ask Peter "Do you love me?"  "Then feed my lambs."
Despite all of his faults and wavering throughout his journey, Peter went on to be a great asset for the kingdom of God, leading more than three thousand people to accept Christ in a single day!

Much like Peter, it often feels as if I am tossed about with every wave, taking my eyes off of Christ and falling deeply back into to the overwhelming sea of despair.

 Yet here I stand, able to Praise God for His grace and mercy that never give up on me!
No matter how many times I have sunk down low into the sea, how many times I have denied the undeniable truth, He has always been there to pick me up, and set me back on a course that will, by His continued grace, allow me to use my shortcoming for His honor. 

Thank you Lord for your great grace!


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